July 16 2024

  • UX/UI improvements: Undo feature in tiling tools 🎉🎉🎉. All your mistakes (while tiling) can now be fixed 🏥. Use “CTRL+Z” to undo your actions while tiling. Undo will help you try different ways 🔃 to achieve seamless repetition faster .

June 28 2024

  • Added value: Import 2 sided material in U3MA format 🎉🎉🎉. Textura now supports 2 sided materials.

June 18 2024

  • Added value: Share 🎁 material properties between materials in the same colorway 🟢. Select a materials in the same colorway and click 🖱️ on “Migrate properties” to copy 🔁 all the physical properties and the metadata from one material to another.

June 01 2024

  • UX/UI improvements: Add several materials to a colorway easier ✅. Once you’ve added the first material, just click 🖱️ on “Link more” and continue with the process 😊.
  • UX/UI improvements: It is now possible to add physics to a material 👗 and to check the end result ✅, before its approved 🏁 and released to the rest of the organization 🏢.

May 27 2024

  • Added value: Colorways are finally here 🟢 🔵 🟣!! Users can now link 🔗 different materials as colorways of each other🔄 . Open a material 👗 in the viewer and check out all the available 👀 colorways from the same page.
  • Added value: Companies with Enterprise plan can now assign 👉🏻 tiling work to their external suppliers. You can now centralise 🎯 all your tiling work worldwide 👉🏻 from in one single place ✅.

March 14 2024

  • Added value: Combine 2 different texturas 🔀 to create a double sided material ❤️. Go to the material library 📚, click on the menu option in each textura,  and select “2 Side material” in the drop down 📋. Follow the steps 🦶🏽 and a brand new 2 sided material will be sent to your email 📧 in U3MA format.
  • UX/UI improvements: Removing materials 🚮 from your library 📚, just become easier. Go to the material library, click on the menu option 🖱️ in each textura,  and select “Remove” 🗑️.

March 12 2024

  • Added value: Workflow is a part of Textura designed to simplify 📋  the digital fabric management process 🚄 across large organisations. Now, every user can learn more 👀 about it and how it can optimise your quality and approval ✅ processes at a large scale.

Feb 14 2024

  • UX/UI improvements: When someone shares a material with a logged in 🔐 Textura user, the user can directly make a copy 👯‍♂️ of that material and add it to the private material library 📚. Logged in users will see a “Copy this material” button next to the “Download” button.

Feb 13 2024

  • UX/UI improvements: Learn how to use Textura and get free 🆓 rewards ! Find the reward icons 🎁  and  unlock entire collections  👗 of materials for your team. To start, create your first material 🥇 in Textura and unlock 50 new materials!!

Feb 07: 2024

  • Added value: You can now upload 👗 a U3MA file to Textura, and keep the original physics 👗 properties obtained from other sources 🧰 .

Feb 05: 2024

  • Added value: Textura AI 🧠 has been improved. The new  AI delivers sharper 🪒 and cleaner 🛁 Normal maps.  Use Workflow features to re-generate ♻️ material maps, or create new materials ✨ to see the difference. Previous materials will not be updated.

Jan 31: 2024

  • UX/UI improvements: Users can now see 👀 all product updates 🎁 and learn how to use new features from the product update menu 🕓.
  • UX/UI improvements: You can use the description ✍🏼 in a material to link to external urls 🔗.
  • UX/UI improvements: When looking 🔍 at the 2D maps of a fabric, in Workflow or in the material viewer 👗 , you ca now select between a full resolution or an optimised 🕣 resolution format 📈.

Dec 15: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now add EDIT physics ✏️ values numerically by inputing the desired numbers 🔢 into each value.
  • UX/UI improvements: Users can now switch between collections 👚👕 when selecting a material to create a sample room 👀 .

Dec 5: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now add ➕ physics properties 👚 to a material that was initially created without them. Read more

Nov 30: 2023

  • UX/UI improvements: A new 🆕 onboarding helps users understand how to get more value 💝 from Textura in their first login 🔑.
  • Safety improvement: Shared Sample Rooms now verify human visitors 🧠 to avoid potential safety threats 😷.

Nov 28: 2023

  • Added value: 275 New materials have been uploaded to the public library 📚.

Nov 21: 2023

  • Added value: New Tiling annotation feature is released. Quality Managers can now specify 🎯 what part of the image requires more work . Tilers can see 👀 specific areas they need to fix 🎨.

Nov 14: 2023

  • UX/UI improvements: Users have 2 more default libraries 📖. Public library with public materials and “All materials library” where users can see all the materials. Public 📢 and private 🔒.
  • UX/UI improvements: Upload material page is no longer the default page. Library is the new default landing page 🛬.
  • UX/UI improvements: Cylinder scene in 3D has been redesigned 📷 to be more similar to the Cusick test 🧪
  • UX/UI improvements: All materials are being re-draped 🔄.

Oct 16: 2023

  • Added value: Users can scan a fabric, and send the image together with physics metadata to other accounts. Mills can now send scanned fabrics to their clients.
  • Added value: Brands can now receive scanned fabrics from multiple suppliers and manage them all using Workflow
  • Added value: All materials that are approved with Workflow, are now listed in an “Approved material” collection. Available to all users in an org.
  • New behaviour: Quality manager role was added to Free and Standard accounts that have linked accounts (as brands). Quality manager role will be sending the materials to linked accounts.
  • New behaviour: Materials created by users with “User” role, will be automatically approved without going through Workflow.

Oct 16: 2023

  • UX/UI improvements: ****Users can now use filters and search tool when they are looking into a public collection in a Sample Room

Oct 13: 2023

  • New behaviour: In Enterprise plan, when role “User” creates a material, this material is automatically approved.
  • New behaviour: In all plans. When physics properties are edited, material is automatically approved.

Oct 03: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now upload materials in U3MA and ZIP format to Textura library. These materials can be created with 3rd parties.
  • Added value: Users can add physics data to upload materials from U3MA and ZIP format to Textura library. Check this knowledge doc
  • Added value: Users can edit physical properties of materials that have already been created. Users can now edit all parameters that impact the way the material is going to drape.

Sept 21: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now save their own pre-sets in the material editor.

Sept 13: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now download a material as a GLTF including CLO physics.

Sept 11: 2023

  • Added value: New plans with no tokens have been implemented.
  • UX/UI improvements: Collections and materials can also be shared using an email invite.
  • UX/UI improvements: Minor improvements on the filters in library.
  • UX/UI improvements: New events in MP and User.

August 29: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now share collections

August 24: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now use filters to find materials in the library.

August 21: 2023

  • Added value: Users can now create collections. They can select multiple materials and group them into one collection.

August 16: 2023

  • UX/UI improvements: Mandatory fields have been redesigned to improve the user activation experience.

August 8: 2023

UX/UI improvements: New material library design. More visibility, prepared for future developments. More dynamic.

UX/UI improvements: Users can now download materials from main library.

UX/UI improvements: Users can now see materials in all status in same page.

August 7: 2023

Architecture improvement: Exported SBSAR files are generated with improved Adobe Script.

UX/UI improvements: 2D viewer in material library now displays downsampled maps to improve. user experience.

UX/UI improvements: 2D viewer in material library now displays images with smoothing effect implemented to improve visual perception of the material..

July 20: 2023

Added value: New “Pinch” tiling tool feature has been released.

Added value: Users can now create “Sample rooms” to share materials with non Textura users.

Added value: Users can now add an access code to sample rooms.

Added value: Users can now allow sample room viewers to download or not download materials.

UX/UI improvements: New loggin images.

July 17: 2023

Architecture improvement: New AI version “Giraff”” has been deployed to production.

July 13: 2023

UX/UI improvements: Users can now see the material composition in the material viewer.

UX/UI improvements: Library viewer has been updated.

UX/UI improvements: New recoloring fix allows fabrics with all pixels in the same color to be recolored

UX/UI improvements: Professional tiling option has been removed from Textura

June 26: 2023

Added value: Now users can export materials in SBSR format.

Added value: Now users can import SBSR files into CLO with Physics.

June 23: 2023

Architecture improvement: Now users can input Fabric composition into the physics estimation engine.

UX/UI improvements: New improved onboarding process has been released.

June 13: 2023

UX/UI improvements: Guidance quality check displays option to use samples when uploaded image is not a fabric.

UX/UI improvements: Users can use sample guidance maps as templates to create materials.

Tiling tools: Clone tool has been improved to manage larger materials.

UX/UI improvements: Improved clone tool efficiency in large images.

June 06: 2023

Added value: Users can turn materials into a Black and white version.

Added value: Users can play with color saturation to add or remove saturation.

UX/UI improvements: Users are notified when uploaded image is not a fabric.

May 23: 2023

Added value: 3D scenes have been redesigned to fit industry common practices.

Architecture improvements: 3D scenes have been redesigned to load faster.

Architecture improvements: Tiling tools memory management has been improved for larger images.

Architecture improvements: Improved transparencies with low values.

UX/UI improvements: 3D scenes have been optimised to load faster.

UX/UI improvements: Mandatory fields have been redesigned to fit new lead management process.

May 16: 2023

UX/UI improvements: Transparent materials have been improved to reduce artefacts on hidden layers

Added value: Support role can delete users

May 9: 2023

Added value: New tiling tiling tool. Basic half drop.

May 8: 2023

Added value: Users can now cancel their payment plans.

Added value: Users can now add preset values to create different material types.

Added value: Users can now create satin materials.

Added value: Users can now create metallic materials with metallic maps.

April 25: 2023

Added value: Users can now sharpen or blur the Normal map.

Architecture improvement: Transparency artefacts are fixed.

April 19: 2023

UX/UI improvements: New UI material editor

UX/UI improvements: New full screen create material & tiling tools.

UX/UI improvements: New tooltips in tiling tools.

Architecture improvement: loading time has increased x 3 in speed.

Architecture improvement: Material editor values hare now absolute values.

March 28: 2023

UX/UI improvements: Support role has been released

March 24: 2023

Added value: Users can now add additional meta data to their materials in the library

March 23: 2023

Architecture improvement: Plans are implemented so plan limitations will be applied.

Tech debt: U3MA packaging is done in an independent service.

March 22: 2023

Added value: Users can now purchase recurring monthly and yearly plans

March 14: 2023

Added value: New tiling tool. Alignment tool is released.

Added value: Normal maps enhances (+50%).

Feb 23: 2023

Added value: Textura can now detect holes in fabrics.

Feb 21: 2023

Added value: New “Tiling assistant” tiling tool is released.

UX/UI improvements: Titles have been added to the tiling tools so they become more self explanatory.

Feb 16: 2023

Added value: New families are added to the physics engine.

UX/UI improvements: User input larger descriptions in materials.

UX/UI improvements: Left bar is redesigned.

Feb 03: 2023

Added value: New tiling tool. ****Users can now use a cloning tool to tile.

Added value: New tiling tool. ****Users can now use the offset tool to fix the image edges.

UX/UI improvements: User can use guides in all tiling tools consistently.

Feb 02: 2023

UX/UI improvements: User does not need to input Stack width when uploading a Stack

Jan 25: 2023

Added value: Users can get quotes for tokens online.

Added value: Users can pay for tokens online using a credit card.

Added value: Users get invoices online when payment fails.

Added value: Users get receipts online when they pay for tokens.

Added value: Users get taxes calculated online when they purchase tokens.

UX/UI tracking: Added events to track payments and revenue recognition in the back-end.

UX/UI tracking: Added events to track user behaviour through payment process.

UX/UI improvements: Added purchase button in UI and purchase pop-up launches automatically when a user needs tokens.

Jan 25: 2023

Architecture improvement: AI version has been upgraded to Flamingo. Improved overall KPIs. Also added holes map and better leather estimation results

Jan 24: 2023

Architecture improvement: Thickness estimation service has been improved. Average error has decreased by 50%. Structure is taken into account now.

Jan 12: 2023

Added value: Knit/Woven material type is now added to U3MA (Author required information)

Added value: Xtex can now open U3MA with Physics data

Correction: U3MA now displays width in mm

Added value: Added a new “Map” button. This new button allows users to decide if they want maps or not. By doing this, now users can select “Only physics” or “Only tiling”

UX/UI improvements: When user tries to remove gradient from a +2.5k image, Textura prompts the option to purchase professional tiling as a service.

UX/UI improvements: PTC Textura viewer estimates scale from image DPI & size

Dec 12: 2022

UX/UI improvements: Add new material properties to the U3M file and to the TXT file

UX/UI improvements: When a texture is in processing, front updates automtically if process finishes (Front)

Architecture improvement: Send MF data to Hubspot (Back)

Architecture improvement: Send MF data to User (Front)

Nov 29: 2022

Architecture improvement: New logic to guide when a token is charged for each use case, and when the process is stopped.

Nov 22: 2022

Added value: New warp tool in production.

UX/UI improvements: Bug in 3JS fixed. Artefacts caused by wrong mipmapping reduced significantly.

Architecture improvement: New architecture in all tiling tools.

Nov 15: 2022

Added value: Users get an image of their materials with the email.

UX/UI improvements: Users get notified that uploading a stack can take a few minutes.

Nov 11: 2022

UX/UI improvements: Users get directed to the material editor when they enter the material viewer.

UX/UI improvements: Double confirmation is requested when a material is approved with no maps.

Added value: Users can now approve a material in WF without having the maps (Only Physics).

Added value: Users that only want to get physics don’t need to upload the entire Stack in WF any more.

Added value: Materials with no maps can also be seen in 3D when approved.

Nov 7: 2022

UX/UI improvements: When uploading a Stack, The user does not have to wait until final check to be able to upload a new one.

UX/UI improvements: Tiling review is now called Material review. Send to pre approval is now called “Generate maps”

Added value: Users now see a ruler in the screen when using tiling tools, giving a scale feedback on materials

Added value: New contacts are sync with Sendgrid

Oct 24**: 2022**

UX/UI improvements: 4 public materials have been published for all users.

Oct 21**: 2022**

Added value: Material drape is now displayed in 3D viewer.

Added value: New scenarios have been implemented to maximise drape effect.

Added value: New info-panel displays size, and texture properties in viewer.

Added value: Material properties can be seen in the validation process.

UX/UI improvements: Added an extra info menu to display more info on the material.

Oct 18**: 2022**

UX/UI improvements: Textures can only be editable by specific users

UX/UI improvements: New Mandatory

UX/UI improvements: U3MA extension

UX/UI tracking: Token changing

Oct 11**: 2022**

New releases:

  • UX/UI improvements: Updated CLO UI in UI of viewer.
  • UX/UI improvements: Gamification with feature unlock to simplify Onboarding to create material experience.
  • UX/UI improvements: Remove request for size check when tiler uploads guidance map.
  • UX/UI improvements: Texture status is automatically updated without refreshing.

Oct 10**: 2022**

New releases:

  • UX/UI improvements: All materials stuck in processing for 24h are managed automatically. User receives a message and status changes.
  • UX/UI improvements: Updated CLO UI in TXT file of download.

Sept 29: 2022

New releases:

  • AI update: New AI version V.0.6.4 (EMU ) has been released to production with sharper maps, More leathers and overall improvement in maps.

Sept 23**: 2022**

New releases:

  • Architecture Improvement: New GPU model and scalability mechanism.

Sept 20: 2022

New releases:

UX/UI improvements: Create material button • UX/UI improvements: Updated UI Tiling tools UI • UX/UI improvements: Added onboarding to gradient removal tools • UX/UI improvements: Added new default settings for gradient tools • UX/UI improvements: Added new mandatory filed to collect additional info on company size, 3D software and goals of user. • UX/UI improvements: Added new copy on activation process that responds to user properties. • UX/UI improvements: Updated background images. • UX/UI improvements: When a tiler implements tiling tools, status changes to “Working on it” • Tracking: Added new events and user properties to Mixpanel

Sept 10: 2022

New releases:

  • Tracking: Added new events to increase traceability of maps and their status.

Sept 05: 2022

New releases:

  • UX/UI improvements: Added pop-ups to improve onboarding experience to increase materail creation CR.
  • UX/UI improvements: Added pop-ups to guide user through the invitation process to increase engagement.
  • Tracking: Added new events to increase traceability through activation and onboarding 01 funnel.

August 24: 2022

New releases:

  • UX/UI improvements: Guidances images are checked when uploaded by tilers to make sure file is not corrupt.
  • UX/UI improvements: Textures cannot be edited or modified while on processing.
  • UX/UI improvements: Added a new button in the debugger to go back to the debugged textura.
  • Added value: Name of texturas can be edited. Name change is logged in each textura history.
  • Tracking: New events to improve traceability have been uploaded.

August 22, 2022

New releases:

  • UX/UI improvements: Extended time that the gradient removal tool needs to be implemented after user does something.
  • Added value: Undo feature is added to Gradient removal

August 19, 2022

New releases:

  • Improved Onboarding: Empty pages will now explain context to users
  • UX/UI improvements: Colours were updated according to Design
  • Added value: Tilers and Quality Managers can now tile online
  • Added value: 2 gradient removal tools added for users and tilers.
    • High pass filter named “Uniform” filter: For uniform fabrics
    • Histogram Matching named “Advanced” filter: For more complex fabrics
  • Architecture Improvement: New way to estimate displacement map is implemented. This new way is faster, delivers slightly better results and does not depend on the Normal map.
  • Architecture improvement: Physics engine service is isolated so it can be activated independently by demand via API
  • Tracking: New events to improve traceability have been uploaded.

August 5, 2022

New releases:

  • Superadmin can now create companies from new settings page
  • Old settings page has been removed from Textura
  • There is a new notification that allows tilers and QA to be notified when a client or user uploads a material that needs to be tiled.
  • When a Seddi QA marks a material as “Working on it” material becomes unavailable for external tilers.
  • DPIs are read from the file header and users no longer have to specify them.
  • All images generated by Textura now have the DPI in the header, so other tools can read the right size.
  • Improvements on 2D Zoom applied in material viewer