What is Workflow?

SEDDI Textura’s Workflow features simplify the digital fabric management process. Providing a step-by-step approval process for digital textiles.

Track the history of materials and easily make edits, all within a centralized platform.

Workflow Preview
Fabric Management Models Old VS New

How it Works


Get your in-house team and/or ecosystem of suppliers set up on your SEDDI Textura subscription in one day to collaborate in the cloud.


Use a desktop scanner to capture and submit fabrics. SEDDI Textura will generate the digital textile’s maps and physics in minutes.


Edit material properties, recolor fabrics, and create different colorways without switching programs. Generate entire collections from a single source fabric.


SEDDI Textura’s workflow for tiling feedback, annotations, and approvals make it simple to efficiently communicate, refine, and approve tiled digital textiles across multiple users.


Approve materials for official use. Download ZIP, U3M, and glTF files compatible with 3D software tools.


Manage your digital textiles in your library and organize your collections to suit your company’s processes. Build shared libraries with partners and suppliers.

How it Helps

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All-in-One, Streamlined Solution

Reduce the complexity of digitizing and organizing materials by eliminating the need for multiple tools.

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Save Time with Instant Digital Fabrics

Your in-house team or suppliers can scan and upload fabrics in real-time, saving valuable time and logistical efforts.

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Create Consistency, Ensure Quality

Reduce the complexity of digitizing and organizing materials by eliminating the need for multiple tools.

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Simplify Tiling Processes

Seamlessly edit and refine tiling with Workflow processes until approved, ensuring fast, flawless results.

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Efficiently Scale

With a simplified, controlled, and standardized process, scale digital textile creation with repeatable throughput.

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Reduce Errors

Workflow enforces best practices, bolstering your digitization operations and reducing errors.