Setting the Standard for Fast, Easy Fabric Digitization

PIC 3D Design House consults with, and provides services for brands on their digital product creation journey. PIC not only creates products in 3D for its clients, but also helps them to leverage those assets in-store, in visual merchandising strategies, layouts, and designs. The company started out predominantly working with apparel brands, but its business has expanded to include home, general merchandise, and more.

The PIC team believes in the importance of using accurate fabrics in digital garments. One aspect of PIC’s business is to support apparel companies with fabric scanning and testing. In order to scale this side of the business, PIC was looking for a fabric digitization solution that would enable the company to visualize and test fabrics faster and more efficiently, to create a competitive advantage for their services—and for their clients.

Scan and Test in a Snap

PIC chose to partner with SEDDI Textura because of the platform’s ease of use, accuracy, customer service, and value. SEDDI Textura’s cloud-native technology enables the PIC team to scan fabrics accurately themselves, and upload these images into the platform for use in minutes.

Textura App UI

“There are many reasons we love working with SEDDI Textura. The platform provides ease of use and speeds up our processes. Additionally, we set our standards for 3D very high—our sample quality is superb— so we really depend on accuracy for our textures. SEDDI Textura delivers on quality. Our team has also found great value in the pricing structure and the level of customer service we receive. It’s been a great partnership.”

-Jennifer Shultz, Founder & President, PIC 3D Design House

Getting it Right, Faster

Textura Swatchbook

PIC’s team is stacked with industry veterans and experts who have worked closely with many digitization solutions since the inception of digital product creation for apparel. The team has been highly impressed with the realism and flexibility of SEDDI Textura. The team has found that it is very easy to capture fabric samples, and that when they are uploaded, aspects like scale are already correct. If the fabric does need refinement, SEDDI Textura’s suite of editing and tiling tools are comprehensive, easy-to-use, and all in one place.

“I find that SEDDI Textura’s samples are easy to capture, and everything is accurate, right away. We love the realism and the flexibility of the product. It’s not often that I have to do a lot of editing [with SEDDI Textura]; usually repeats come out seamless. SEDDI Textura also has amazing tools that make it so easy to tile, remove imperfections, and anything else that needs to be done— directly in the platform. I measure how good a solution is by how little I have to do outside of it. SEDDI Textura has been the easiest in that way—no switching between programs is needed!”

-Libby Wilson, Director of Digital Development, PIC 3D Design House

Creating Competitive Advantage

Physics is an important component of digital fabrics, and a key element that is assessed in garment fabric testing. It is crucial for the physical characteristics of digital fabrics to be accurate in order for 3D garments to be properly evaluated.

Once the team began working with SEDDI Textura, began testing physics with SEDDI Textura fabrics in CLO3D with a few clients, and were very impressed with the results.

SEDDI Textura Generated Drape
Examples of SEDDI Textura generated drape across different fabrics in CLO.

SEDDI Textura Reduces the Turnaround Time for Digital Fabrics

“One of our clients loved the results from SEDDI Textura’s physics in CLO3D so much, they decided to add another category of apparel to their business with PIC, applying this method. Using SEDDI Textura has expanded our business because of the fast turnaround time we are able to achieve.”

-Libby Wilson, Director of Digital Development, PIC 3D Design House

The Building Blocks of 3D Design

Digital fabrics are the foundation of digital product creation. Accessing accurate, realistic, digital fabrics fast is essential to moving 3D design processes forward. With SEDDI Textura,

PIC is able to deliver results that meet and exceed their, and their clients’ standards in a fast, frictionless way.