About the Author: Dr. Rosa Sánchez

Dr. Rosa Sanchez has a PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain. Since the beginning of her research career, she has focused on cloth simulation, particularly on models describing its behaviour at the yarn level. Her research resulted in the submission of several scientific papers in high impact journals in the field of Computer Graphics. Currently, Rosa is working with the mechanics team to continue improving the accuracy and versatility of SEDDI's simulation models.

Validating SEDDI Textura’s Drape Prediction with the Cusick Drape Test

Introduction In recent years the apparel industry has witnessed an increase in the adoption of 3D virtual design, largely driven by advancements in simulation and digitization technologies. Central to this transformation are digital twins, virtual replicas of real garments, which offer designers the ability to prototype and iterate without having to manipulate real materials. Understanding how different fabrics will hang or fold is not just an aesthetic consideration. It also impacts functionality, comfort, and performance. For this reason, the drape properties of fabrics must be digitized to accurately replicate their real word behavior. The effectiveness of these digital twins

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